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Lower Your Energy Bills

Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning in Cheyenne, Wheatland & Laramie, WY

A clean home goes beyond having a clean floor but most homeowners tend to forget about their ductwork. Let Cowboy Jones Carpet Cleaning take the hassle out of cleaning your ductwork and see the difference in your energy bill! Research has shown that keeping your HVAC system clean makes your home more efficient and saves up to 11% on energy bills. Our highly trained technicians use the latest technology and duct cleaning equipment to bring your furnace and ductwork up to National Air Duct Cleaners Association Standards.

Keeping your air ducts and furnace clean is also essential to indoor air quality - even in new homes! New homes are among the worst as construction dust, grime, and even nails or other materials find their way into your duct work. Don't risk the health of your family..."Get in touch with Cowboy Jones Carpet Cleaning to learn more about saving on energy bills and improving your air quality in Cheyenne, Wheatland & Laramie, WY.